Visitor Information

“The doors, the doors…”

In ancient times, Christians celebrated the Eucharist behind closed doors. Today, hearing only the remnants of this practice in our Liturgy, we must stress the need for reverence at this sacred moment.

The Gospel urges everyone to make the commitment to salvation in Jesus Christ, through Baptism in the Orthodox Church.

Our Orthodox Christian guests who have a blessing from their confessor to participate in the Holy Mysteries are asked to inform the serving priest of their intent to do so before the Divine Liturgy.

Otherwise, our guests are asked not to approach the Chalice. (Everyone is welcome to approach and kiss the Cross after Liturgy.)

Let us also maintain a proper decorum in all things during the divine services, as the holy Apostle Paul exhorts us to “let all things be done decently and in order” (I Cor).

Please observe modesty in attire, and avoid unnecessary discussion or commotion.

May the Lord Jesus Christ lead us all into His eternal Kingdom.